Rachael Ray Show: Glee Star Chris Colfer: Fans Still Scream "Glee" At Him 10 Years Later

"Glee" premiered over 10 years ago, but fans of the show still recognize Chris Colfer, a.k.a. Kurt Hummel.

"People will just scream 'Glee' at me in public," he says. "It's one of those experiences… it feels like it was yesterday, but it also feels like it was 100 years ago."

Chris made the move from actor to author — #1 New York Times bestselling author, that is — with his Land of Stories series. His newest book, A Tale of Magic, is a prequel set in the same universe.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: A TALE OF MAGIC: Chris Colfer previews first enchanting book in new Land of Stories series

EW has an exclusive preview of the award-winning author’s next middle-grade book, A Tale of Magic…, which centers on Brystal Evergreen, a young girl destined for greatness, but forced to survive the oppressive Southern Kingdom. Her only escape is books, but it’s illegal for women to read in her country, and working as a maid at the local library is the only way to access them. She eventually finds a book about magic that changes her life forever — and discovers she herself is capable of magic. The only problem: Magic is despised and outlawed, and Brystal is convicted for her crimes.

EW: Chris Colfer reveals cover for anticipated Land of Stories fan compendium

John Lamparski/Getty Images

John Lamparski/Getty Images


by DAVID CANFIELD, @davidcanfield97

Chris Colfer is ready to bring his Ultimate Book Hugger’s Guide out into the world.

An insider’s guide to his best-selling middle-grade series The Land of Stories, The Ultimate Book Hugger’s Guide alternately works as a travel guide, encyclopedia, and definitive fan compendium. The book will features character and location guides, exclusive behind-the-scenes information on The Land of Stories, bonus chapters, sketches from Colfer himself, and much more. It’s for new and megafans alike, and is coming at the perfect time: Colfer is set to write and direct a Land of Stories film for 20th Century Fox…

TLOS Book Hugger.jpg

EW: Chris Colfer lands new book deal, announces new companion series

Jim Spellman/WireImage

Jim Spellman/WireImage

by DAVID CANFIELD, @davidcanfield97

Chris Colfer has signed a multi-faceted new book deal with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, EW has confirmed exclusively.

The Golden Globe-winning actor and writer, whose The Land of Stories children’s series has spent 48 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, has entered into an agreement in which he’ll write an ultimate insider’s guide to his beloved Land of Stories, as well as develop and scribe two novels in a brand new series. The latter project will be a companion to The Land of Stories, featuring fan-favorite characters while also introducing new ones.

The Land of Stories is described by Colfer…